We develop new systems of ventilation, which allow saving energy and get higher performances.

The MULTIFLOW NOVOVENT SYSTEM (M.N.S.), our first devised, an exclusive assembly system of blades allows for the same diameter and rotation speed, five different pitch angles, including different size of hubs, changing number of blades as well as blade size and design.


With the SERRATED NOVOVENT CONCEPT (S.N.C.), Novovent has developed a new blades generation. The S.N.C. is the result of three different research lines. We get higher performance due to the sickle blades. Due to the winglet applied to the blade we debug turbulences. And in order to reduce the sound level we design a jagged profile. The combination of the M.N.S. and the S.N.C. give us an exclusive range of products. The S.N.C. blades compared with the traditional ones gets better performance in airflow and pressure, decrease in the powers needs, about 15%, and sounds level, till 3 dB (A).


We’ve applied the SNC to the wheel of our In line mixed flow Duct fans, IN NOVO, thas’s giving to the equipment higher performance and reducing the sound level, till 5 dB (A).


Following the requirement of our costumers and the most demanding international standards and regulations we offer competitive solutions with an attractive design and easy installation, together with a wide range of accessories. In order to achieve these objectives, we always try to get the feedback from professional designers and use this information to improve our products. It is a long process where our R&D department develops new prototypes, tests them in our own factory laboratory so that we can finally offer them in our catalogue once we are sure that they guarantee the level of quality that our costumers and the market are expecting.


Our commitment is moreover to provide our products in the shortest possible delivery time to our costumers. Although we have more than 10.000 different references we always have the required stock of products and components in our warehouse in order to achieve this. Finally we also offer a complete and comprehensible Selection Software, which allows any user to select the best solution among our wide range of products or even work on the design of the installation.



Imetco is the sole agent of NOVOVENT in Egypt and Libya which one of the market leaders in ventilation systems


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