Novovent has launched BPT Box R, its new Noise isolated cabinet fan with double inlet backward wheel. Composed of fan on anti vibration mounting, motor, belts and pulley upon required working point. Especially suitable for ventilating that require high performance pressure, is a full box supplementing the industrial range, offering technically efficient solutions increasingly advanced. This new reference Novovent catalog is now available for order and the improvement in performance behavior has led to a very well received by industry experts.

Ventilator box BPT Box R consists of a fan anchored on vibration isolators, the corresponding set on a base engine control, pulleys and belts sized according to the performance, internal insulation and a gasket between the fan face and mouth drive of the box. The rotor and blades, back, are made of galvanized sheet metal, the impeller blades are self cleaning. BPT Box R is also constructed of galvanized sheet metal lined with insulating material through a class M1 flame retardant panel and fan installed inside is mounted on a silent-block to prevent the possible transmission of vibrations to the pipe. The motor has insulation class F, IP55 protection. In addition, fans of this series have been manufactured under strict production standards and quality assurance.


As a complement to the units in this series exist in the catalog Novovent accessories that facilitate and complement the installation. Among them, Novovent has a range of speed controllers for both single-phase equipment to the motors. After consultation, BPT Box R can be served for voltages, frequencies, different regimes of turns and / or dual-speed motors.


For more information, check the catalogue here.



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